EPoS For Franchise

OpSuite Enables You To Seamlessly Share And Control All Operational Data Across Your Franchise, In Real-time.

Real-time reporting ensures you can instantly see how best to manage stock and resources, reducing waste and maximising sales.

Each franchisee has easy access to their own stock and sales data and the freedom to sell products, run promotions and set prices that are unique to their site.

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Total Flexibility

It's important to feel that your business can scale when you need it to. OpSuite by its very design can be easily customised and personalised to cope with new needs as they occur over time.

Retailers With Single Or Multiple Sites

Our customers include those with a single store and 2 tills through to those with 30+ tills on their site. One customer at peak times, have 50 stores trading and we can scale and flex in line with their needs.

Clements and Church

OpSuite suits our business perfectly, allowing our stores the independence and information they need whilst ensuring we can track and monitor the company as a whole, anytime, anywhere