Our EPoS solution offers Scalability

It's important to know that your retail management solution can grow with you.

OpSuite offers retailers the flexibility and scalability they need whether looking to the future and opening additional stores or managing and growing a franchise operation.

Scale and Flex

OpSuite is already helping a huge variety of retailers from those with single sites to those with 100+ sites.

"My needs as a retailer are always changing, how will one retail solution cope with this?".

In retail, tomorrow will never be like today. Requirements of retailers change in accordance with consumer demand, changes to the supply chain, and expansion or contraction in the number of stores held.

Retailers, understandably, do not want to invest in a new retail solution only to find it no longer suits their needs five months or even five years down the line.

OpSuite by it's very design can be easily customised and personalised to cope with new needs as they occur over time and growth in the number of stores can be easily catered for.

A Perfect Fit For Franchise

OpSuite puts the franchisor in control by allowing access to franchise-wide operational data, anywhere, at any time.

Franchisees have the flexibility to set their own prices and promotions and can enjoy an easy-to-use point of sale system.

OpSuite transmits operational data from each franchise site - including data from alternative sales channels such as online and mobile - to a central database, in real time. Accuracy of royalty reporting is guaranteed and the franchisor can instantly see how best to manage stock and labour across the franchise to reduce waste and maximise sales.

The franchisee has easy access to their own stock and sales data and the freedom to sell products, run promotions and set prices that are unique to their site.