Your EPoS solution - Open and Ready to Connect

Reduce the need to rip out and replace your existing applications.

We designed OpSuite to be totally open, flexible & easy to integrate with, ensuring your customers receive a connected retail experience.

This is achieved through OpSuite's unique layer called OpServices.

For retailers, OpSuite ensures that key information and business rules are shared to bring uniformity across all your different applications. This reduces the need to rip out and replace any existing business applications such as a web store, finance package, warehousing and many more.

For customers, OpServices offers a connected and seamless experience however they interact with you, through touch points such as their phone, in-store, web store & telesales.

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Standard OpServices Integrations:

To make life as simple as possible we already have a range of standard integrations including: Sage Line 50, Pegasus Opera & Magento.

Future Proofed

Who knows what the future many hold - new applications, technology or even legislation. With OpServices you're open and ready to connect.