Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Want a better way to manage the cost of retail management EPoS? Take a look at OpSuite

Thanks to cloud delivery, OpSuite has all the functionality and features of an enterprise lead solution at a much lower monthly subscription cost.

Cloud Versus On Premise

Just as PC's revolutionised how we operate as businesses and individuals, cloud technology has significantly lowered the cost of EPoS and its delivery.

Previously a physical server/s at your site was needed to host an EPoS system's back office and HQ for store communications. Skilled IT staff are necessary to manage the server (and associated environment) day-to-day. 

During the lifetime of an on-premise system the costs of staffing, electricity, upgrades, back-ups and down-time are significant and very often grossly under-estimated.

Reduced EPoS Costs

OpSuite back office & HQ retail management software is hosted in the cloud, reducing the running costs traditionally associated with business solutions.

Our low monthly subscriptions include software support, managed backups and upgrades, freeing up your time for more productive retail activities.  

In-store point of sale is provided by OpSuite POS. Proven and scalable, it's also provided on low monthly subscription.